As a parent of two children recently out of elementary school, I found that one of the most frustrating parts of my experience was the extremely confusing math texts that the children were expected to understand. It was very difficult to help them with homework when neither of us could understand what was being taught.

With the help of math teachers and consultants, I am now publishing a Math Guide for Parents that will help make the textbook more understandable to ordinary people.

The current Ontario math textbooks are designed as a blueprint for teachers to use in the classroom, but depend on input from teachers in order to make the content understandable to students. This relationship between publisher and teacher removes the parent from the process and makes it difficult for parents to contribute to their child's education. We consider the parent to be an essential part of the education process.

The Math Guide for Parents adds lesson-by-lesson context that a teacher often supplies in a classroom, and simplifies concepts in order to make them understandable to the non-professional. It also includes a standardized Glossary which corrects and clarifies terms used in the textbook.

These books will be sold to parents through the active participation of the School Councils. They will be sold to Councils at the wholesale price, for distribution to parents at the retail price. This will allow Councils, if they choose, to apply the difference as a donation to their ongoing fundraising efforts.

We look forward to making elementary math a much happier experience for everyone!

Gerry Dunn
Parent and publisher of Math Guide for Parents


"I think you have a great product.  Currently my daughter isn’t struggling, but that’s not to say that I wouldn’t mind understanding the terms used in 2012, so that I know what she is talking about!"
S. E. (Jan. 27/12), Leamington, ON

"I recently came across your guide while trying to locate the teacher’s copy and instructional material. This is amazing, I only wish I found it sooner. My husband and I are involved with the school council, please forward information on ordering and sales."
Dr. K. G. (Jan. 30/12), Toronto, ON

"…this would be beneficial to many parents as a tool to assist their children in math."
Janet Dabrus (2012)
Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (Ward 15)
Toronto District School Board