Help your child understand their elementary math textbook —
an easy-to-follow guide designed to help them succeed.

The Math Guide for Parents is not intended to replace the math textbook in use by the student, or to teach parents math.

However, in the classroom, the child’s teacher will often describe a new math process with detailed discussion and real-world examples to help the child understand new math ideas.

But these resources aren’t available to the parent who is trying to help a child with their homework — which is often taken from the textbook.

These Math Guides are intended to simplify and clarify the content of the textbook by adding classroom descriptions and definitions, so you can help your child succeed in math.

Unit Openers include a description of the math strand, as well as the particular topic for that unit.

Each lesson in the Math Guide matches the same lesson in the textbook. A description of the process being taught is added, with new examples if needed. This is not intended to replace the existing examples or commentary, but to add information that might be given in a classroom by the teacher.

Definitions that are used in each lesson of the textbook or Guide have been added to each lesson.

If your School Council hasn't yet received their order forms, you can order individual copies by filling out the Online Order Form. For more information about buying single copies of the Guide, please contact Sales.


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The Math Guide for Parents: 5 (Pearson) is now available in the Toronto Public Library system.

There is also an excellent article by Margaret Wente in the Globe and Mail about the problems with elementary math.

The elementary math program is not only a problem in Ontario. In Manitoba, a new group of parents and teachers has been launched to improve math education in K-12. The Western Initative for Strengthening Education in Math is online and active.

In Ontario, a petition has recently been started asking the Minister of Education to address the many criticisms of the existing math program.

"We need a revolution in math education" Toronto Star Editorial, January 8, 2014

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To get your copy of the Guide, please contact your child's elementary school council.

  The Math Guide for Parents is not connected in any way with Pearson Education Canada Inc. which publishes the elementary math textbook, Math Makes Sense; nor with Thomson/Nelson, which publishes Nelson Mathematics.

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